What Causes a Relationship Breakdown

by Jason

relationship breakdown

There are many reasons that a relationship breaks down.

Sometimes there is one catalyst that causes a relationship breakdown, but more often it is the result of a long term pattern of slow destruction.

Couples who were once madly in love and truly intimate may find themselves feeling like strangers or at best, business partners as they proceed through the day to day drudgery of life.

Busy schedules and daily stressors take the place of time spent together and shared laughter.

If couples going through these common struggles are not careful, the relationship may cease to exist altogether.

There are many causes for a relationship breakdown, all of which can be addressed and healed if they are identified and treated with care. Examining the causes of a relationship breakdown is the first step toward healing.

Communication Breakdown

When communication breaks down, the relationship soon follows. Marriages cannot be sustained where communication is not flowing. Miscommunication is especially dangerous to the marital relationship.

Couples who misinterpret, assume or refuse to listen (or clearly state their messages) are at risk for this type of problem. This is often the result of underlying issues, which can range from childhood wounds to unrelated circumstances.

Unresolved conflict and suppressed emotions can also lead the couple to destructive communication. Instead of communicating about the issues at hand, they passive aggressively try to resolve former conflicts with veiled messages or digs.

This can leave the receiving partner feeling confused and defensive.

When communication breaks down in marriage, the structure of the relationship soon follows.

Intimacy Breakdown

Intimacy is vital to a healthy relationship. Emotional intimacy and physically intimacy are equally important. One without the other in a marriage can be especially harmful to the relationship.

Emotional disconnect during physical intimacy can feel like a betrayal, leaving one or both partners feeling used and then discarded. Emotional dependency with physical distance can make one or both partners feel overburdened and stressed without release. T

hese issues can become major problems if they go unchecked. Intimacy requires honesty, vulnerability, trust and openness. Without these components, it is not possible to be truly intimate with your partner.

Restoring intimacy in your marriage is extremely important to prevent your relationship from experiencing a breakdown.

Breakdown of Trust

Trust is the most vital component of a healthy marriage. It is the first thing that must be resolved before the marriage relationship can be repaired. A marriage without trust is on its way to dissolution. When trust is broken, it is difficult to restore, but it is not impossible.

The very first thing a couple with a breakdown of trust must do is to reinstate total honesty with their partner. Confession of dishonesty sheds light on the things that are being hidden in the relationship. Then, daily accountability and reinforcement of truth must be practiced.

When a couple practices daily honesty, intimacy can be restored.

This process may take a while; it takes one moment to break trust and a very long time to rebuild it. It must be earned every day through repentance and commitment to transparency.

Transparency is one of the greatest gifts you can give your spouse. If you have a password on your cell phone or social network system, your spouse has every right to assume the worst. If you have mysterious meetings that pop up unexpectedly, or time that you are unavailable and cannot account for your whereabouts, your spouse will absolutely assume you are hiding something awful. Rather than breed doubt and become angry when questioned, offer your spouse total transparency.

You should be able to trade cell phones with your spouse for the day without having anything to worry about. You should not have friends of the opposite sex that do not know your spouse.

Your primary friendships outside your marriage should be with likeminded couples who support and respect your relationship.

Those who undermine it seek only your destruction and perhaps their own selfish endeavors. Offer your spouse the gift of being truly theirs. Commit yourself wholly to your mate without reserving pieces to give away to others.

Prevent a Relationship Breakdown

Preventing a relationship breakdown is a conscious, daily effort. Make a daily effort to replace mistakes you might have made with repairs that will restore our marriage relationship.

Instead of holding onto what is not working, find what does and do that instead. This might sound overly simplistic, but it is the best way to prevent a relationship breakdown.

If you are reading this article to learn ways to prevent a relationship breakdown, and want to start repairing your marriage today, watch my free video to immediately learn how to do just that. You’ll love the advanced techniques outlined here to help you and your partner prevent problems and restore trust in your relationship.

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