Should you Consider Online Marriage Counseling?

by Jason

online marriage counseling

Most married couples find themselves needing the input of a professional counselor at some point during their relationship.

Sometimes it is a preventative measure and sometimes it is an effort of salvaging the relationship.

No matter where you and your spouse are at in your relationship, marriage counseling can be extremely beneficial.

All couples need to learn tools and strategies to improve their interactions at some point in their marriage.

Every person has wounds from childhood that are prone to manifesting themselves in adult relationships.

Adding to these factors are the challenging detours that life can present with may be the catalyst for problems in the relationship. Having the tools ready to tackle these problems before they start is the ideal way to preserve the marriage before a crisis can take root. Strengthening, improving or even saving your marriage might depend on the steps you take to preserve your relationship.

What does Online Marriage Counseling Offer that Traditional Marriage Lacks?

Traditional marriage counseling can present several deterring factors for couples with tight schedules, finances or privacy concerns.

Finding a consistent babysitter or traveling to a weekly appointment may also present a problem for couples seeking help. Online marriage counseling provides a convenient and safe alternative for these roadblocks.

Traditional marriage counseling adheres to the sometimes rigid schedules of the counselor as well as the couple. This can be difficult with already busy schedules and other commitments.

In addition, many online programs are available at a fraction of the cost of traditional marriage. The hourly rate of some marriage counselors can exceed $100, while many programs are available for that range to download.

Savings in travel and childcare costs are also incentives to try online marriage counseling as an alternative to traditional treatment.

Traditional counseling can become a trap of longevity for the couple. Many couples enter counseling expecting to finish within a few sessions and end up staying longer than a year.

This might be necessary for some couples, but it is an unnecessary expense for many others. Online formats provide a set number of sessions, because they are downloaded rather than decided.

These are accompanied by a workbook that allows the couple to process the information in practical ways which prompts discussion and depth of vulnerability in the privacy of their own home.

How does Online Marriage Counseling Work?

Online marriage counseling is often offered in a downloadable format which allows the couple to pace their sessions at their own rate of progress. The couple will download a series of videos and a workbook to complete together.

One of the benefits of this format is that the couple must initiate and complete the work themselves, rather than rely on the counselor to do so. Setting aside time with your spouse to work on your marriage sends the message that you are committed to the relationship and invested in its improvement.

Counselors in traditional settings can sometimes become referees when couples have been stuck in a pattern of arguing and fighting. Couples turn to the counselor to take sides rather than offer tools and suggestions for resolution. This can become extremely harmful to the relationship and hinder the road to healing.

Online marriage counseling requires the couple to learn to work toward solutions together while they make an investment into one another. When questions arise, there is a professional on hand to answer by phone or email.

This ensures that the couple is able to independently handle problems that arise with the professional support they need.

Online counseling allows the couple to essentially take the reins of their own healing with the gentle guidance of proven methods and professional support.

There are a variety of programs available for online marriage counseling. These can be found with a simple internet search, or recommendation from a trusted confidant who has experience with these products. Online counseling should not be a snap decision, but well researched to determine a good fit for you and your spouse.

There are many products on the market with diversity in approach and style. Some are right for you as a couple and others are not. This is only determined by your own needs and preferences.

For example, some programs may focus on finances while other focus primarily on fidelity. If your main struggle is effective communication, neither of these will be practically useful for you. Find a program that suits your needs as a couple.

Start the Road to Healing Today

If you are reading this article to learn about online counseling, you are ready to take the leap to start a program. If you want to start improving your marriage today, watch my free video to immediately learn ways to start working on your marriage. You’ll love the advanced techniques outlined here to help you and your partner find resources to reconnect and rejuvenate your marriage.

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