Save our Marriage!

by Jason

save ourmarriage

Divorce is a threat looming over the heads of more couples than ever before in the history of marriage. While society has become more technologically capable and productive, we have also become less able to keep our meaningful relationships together with longevity.

This has led to an astronomical divorce rate, and many couples find themselves reaching out for help screaming “Save our marriage!” Marriage is designed to last forever, but it has almost become a trial run for a stint of serial monogamy.

If you are a couple in crisis, rest in the knowledge that your marriage is salvageable. Your marriage is worth saving, and with the right steps, a lot of work and determination, it will be.

Start Counseling

Counseling is a vital tool to help save a marriage that has reached a point of crisis. Even in crisis, the marriage can be saved. It will likely require immediate professional intervention. Saving a marriage is serious business. It is not something should be undertaken lightly.

A professional counselor can provide you with the tools and insight needed to get back on track. There are likely patterns that need to be immediately interrupted. These may include dishonesty, infidelity or even abuse. A marriage counselor will provide the help you need, as well as the accountability required to stay on the right track toward salvaging your marriage.

Reset your Attitude

You may not be able to do anything about your spouse’s attitude, but you can certainly start with your own. You have the opportunity to become the thermostat rather than the thermometer, so to speak. When you find yourself asking “How do we save our marriage?” you know that great changes are needed.

If you and your spouse are caught up in a cycle of fighting and attacking one another, it is likely that you set expectations to argue and react to one another out of a defensive mindset.

Instead, set a purpose to set the mood for peace. Even if your partner does not respond right away, you have the opportunity to begin to change the emotional environment for yourself. Eventually, things will start to change.

Plan a Getaway Together

Couples on the verge of divorce are often advised to go on a brief trip or retreat to make an effort of reconnection that can change the course of their relationship. One options for a getaway is to attend an organized marriage retreat that is geared toward saving the marriage relationship.

These retreats offer workshops, counseling and exercises designed to reroute the marriage from destruction to reconstruction. Many couples who make this effort report that their marriage relationship is not only salvaged, but becomes successful.

Rekindle your Friendship

Your spouse is supposed to be your best friend. Rekindling this friendship is one of the most important parts of saving your marriage. This might mean making some drastic changes. For example, if you have given the role of best friend to someone outside your marriage, especially to someone of the opposite sex, that needs to change today.

Choosing someone other than your spouse as your main confidant is a recipe for disaster. This is not to say that you cannot have other friends; only to say that your spouse should come first. Rekindle your friendship with your spouse by initiating intimate conversations about how you feel, and engage them to share their feelings with you.

Spend time with your partner doing what they like to do. Ask your spouse about their day. Plan dates with your spouse. Time spent with your best friend is sure to have a great return for your marriage.

Make your Marriage your Top Priority

Couples asking each other, “How can we save our marriage?” have already determined that they want it to become their main concern. Even if the marriage relationship has taken a back seat to other aspects of life, rearranging these priorities will save the relationship as long as both partners engage in the process.

Your marriage is the most important relationship you will ever have with another human being. It is one worth saving.

Couples who recognize this are already on track to begin the process of healing and reconnection. Saving your marriage is the most important task you will ever undertake.

Start Saving your Marriage Today

Chances are, if you and your spouse are asking “How can we save our marriage,” you are actively trying to save your relationship from demise.

If you are truly ready to start making changes to save your marriage today, watch my free video to immediately receive life giving tips on how to reconnect and restore your marriage. You’ll love the advanced techniques outlined here to help you and your partner begin the journey to healing. Continue here to save your marriage today.

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