Effective Communication in Marriage

July 10, 2013
effective communication in marriage

Most marriage counselors agree that communication can make or break a relationship. If you and your spouse do not communicate effectively, you are both likely to experience frustration, anger and resentment. On the other hand, couples who communicate well experience fulfilled relationships, empathy and true intimacy with their spouses. Effective communication in marriage is perhaps […]

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How to Improve your Marriage

July 8, 2013
how to improve your marriage

Whether you have been married 6 months or 16 years, improving your marriage relationship should be one of your goals no matter how long you have been married. It may sound like common sense but the number of couples that become complacent with one another’s emotions over the course of their relationship is astounding. Bottom […]

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Repairing your Broken Marriage

July 1, 2013
broken marriage

Broken marriages are an American epidemic. There are many factors to this dynamic, but fewer couples are finding viable solutions for staying together. With the divorce rate climbing, marriage can certainly seem dismal to couples facing major problems. Broken marriages are the result of many things that can happen in your relationship. There is great […]

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When Your Spouse Is Depressed, Take These Steps…

June 27, 2013
Be a Comfort When Your Spouse Is Depressed

Living day to day in a marriage where your spouse is depressed is not only draining, it also drags you down into their same depths of sadness. That said, the odds are enormously in your favor for both of you to recover and here, I’ll bring you a little closer to resolution with a guideline […]

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Attending Marriage Workshops

June 5, 2013
marriage workshops

From attending a marriage retreat to a weekend couples seminar there are many options when it comes to marriage workshops. But, they are not a quick fix. Your partnership, marriage issues have developed over a long period of time and there is nothing you can’t solve by applying what you have been reading to your […]

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Does Marriage Counseling Work?

June 3, 2013
does marriage counseling work

There is no shortage of avenues for saving your marriage these days. Therapy sessions, group workshops, retreats, watching videos. There are a variety of options when looking at managing your marriage but the big question is – Does marriage counseling work? Typically within marriage counseling the counselor or therapist gives you both equal time to […]

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Marriage Restoration And Your Happy Future

June 2, 2013
marriage restoration

A strong marriage requires ongoing maintenance. There is no way around it. You have to keep up with your relationship to keep it healthy and balanced. Well, what does that mean exactly?  What kind of things should you monitor to have a successful marriage? If you’re asking yourself these kinds of questions, it’s possible your […]

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7 Steps To Tackle A Marriage Crisis

June 1, 2013
marriage crisis

So here you are, reading this because you have hit that critical make or break point in your relationship. You are having a marriage crisis. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Really, you should feel proud for realizing that you have hit the wall of married life and it’s either break through or both go […]

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Your Marriage Compatibility Test

May 31, 2013
marriage compatibility test

Do you find yourself looking at other married couples and imagining how great their lives must be? They look well suited, seem so happy and in love. But even people who would say they have a great marriage still find they share common sources of frustration. After all, no marriage is perfect and every marriage […]

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