health effects of divorce

Individuals used to accept that a divorce would take away the greater part of their issues. Lamentably, they in the end discovered that they wound up being tormented by intense subject matters that simply didn’t go away. Late studies have demonstrated that the break-up of your conjugal relationship can result in genuine well-being issues, regardless […]

christian marriage counseling

A strong, healthy marriage requires regular maintenance. Even the most loving couples can find themselves in a struggle with their relationship routine. While there are plenty of resources available, finding the right fit for your marriage can be an added challenge when you find yourself facing these struggles. Books, websites, therapists with varying approaches and […]

online marriage counseling

Most married couples find themselves needing the input of a professional counselor at some point during their relationship. Sometimes it is a preventative measure and sometimes it is an effort of salvaging the relationship. No matter where you and your spouse are at in your relationship, marriage counseling can be extremely beneficial. All couples need […]

christian marriage advice

Have you ever wondered why, when people get married, they make their vows before their family, friends and God? It is because keeping those vows requires work and support! No one ever said marriage is easy… and if they did, they were mistaken! However, marriage is also wonderful and well worth the effort put into […]

save a relationship

Would you believe me if I told you your relationship can be saved, even if you and your partner have hit rock bottom? Many people throw in the towel on their marriage when things look bad, but the truth is that your relationship can be salvaged and strengthened. Relationships are 100% repairable as long as […]

How to Fix a Broken Relationship

July 29, 2013
fixing a broken relationship

Broken relationships are a standard fixture in our modern culture. We have become a society of serial monogamists, preferring to terminate relationships rather than repair them. The problem with that is people take their brokenness with them into each new relationship. When the point in the relationship arises where the brokenness was never fixed, there […]

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What Causes a Relationship Breakdown

July 25, 2013
relationship breakdown

There are many reasons that a relationship breaks down. Sometimes there is one catalyst that causes a relationship breakdown, but more often it is the result of a long term pattern of slow destruction. Couples who were once madly in love and truly intimate may find themselves feeling like strangers or at best, business partners […]

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Tools to Fix Marriage for Life Long Happiness

July 20, 2013
tools for fixing a marriage

Tools are usually required for any type of “fix it” project. You would not attempt to repair a car engine or the roof on your house with your bare hands. You would also not use the tools to fix the car engine to fix the roof or vice versa. Likewise, you should not attempt to […]

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Save our Marriage!

July 15, 2013
save our marriage

Divorce is a threat looming over the heads of more couples than ever before in the history of marriage. While society has become more technologically capable and productive, we have also become less able to keep our meaningful relationships together with longevity. This has led to an astronomical divorce rate, and many couples find themselves […]

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